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New School (Crossdoney Road) 1934

In the early 1930s negotiations took place between the parish priest Fr Lynch and Jack Smith from Crossdoney Road. A deal was arranged. Jack gave Fr Lynch a half-acre site to build a new school and in exchange he received the old school premises on the Cavan Road to convert into a garage. He also received £50 as part of the deal. The school initially operated in the Courthouse while the new building was being built. An inspector's report of July 1933 stated that ‘the pupils are receiving a very useful training and preparation to become worthy citizens of the state’.

Fr Lynch organised a number of different events including sports days, which proved very popular to raise money and on the 7 May 1934 the pupils moved into their new school on the Crossdoney Road. Soon after moving into the school another inspector's report of June 1934   stated that ‘both teachers discharge their duties in a highly efficient manner. The pupils are alert, upright, and well mannered and the progress made in the various subjects especially in Irish is very pleasing’. Another report of July 1935 said ‘the teachers continue to discharge their duties in a highly efficient manner and the pupils show evidence of very careful teaching and training. The schoolroom and premises are all very well kept’. In June 1939 the children were described as ‘orderly, attentive, industrious and self-reliant’. It was also stated that there was a very good Gaelic atmosphere in the school.



Ballinagh National School (17 May 1934-16 December 1998)

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