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  Famous Past Pupil


Probably the best-known past pupil of this old school was the poet Padraic Colum. Padraic was born in Longford on the 8 December 1881. During the late 1880s his father emigrated to the United States to participate in the Colorado gold rush. During his father’s absence Padraic lived for a short time in Hermitage, Crossdoney with his cousins the Burns family. While he was staying in Hermitage he attended Ballinagh School. The education he received there did not do him any harm because he went on to become a famous Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer, playwright, children’s author and collector of folklore. It is believed that his well-known poem She moved through the Fair may have been inspired in part by the fairs in Crossdoney which he experienced while he was living in Hermitage. He died in America on 11 January 1972.

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