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As part of our Whole School Evaluation (WSE)  it was recommended that the Board of Management publish an annual report on the work it carries out. It was also recommended that after each meeting a report be published and distributed to the community. At the end of each meeting the BOM decide on the agreed report which you can now view by clicking on the relevant box.


 End of year report 2016/17  BOM Meeting Aug. 2017  BOM Meeting Nov. 2017  BOM Meeting Jan. 2018
 BOM Meeting March 2018  BOM Meeting March 28th 2018  BOM Meeting 15th May 2018  BOM Meeting 23rd July 2018
 BOM Meeting 30th July 2018  End of year report 2017/18  BOM Meeting 25th Oct. 2018  BOM Meeting Dec. 17th 2018
 BOM Meeting 22nd Jan. 2019      

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