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Second Class Booklist 2016/2017


Saint Felims N.S. Ballinagh




Teacher: Ms. Cunningham


Pupils name: ________________


Gaeilge:      Fuaimeanna Agus Focail (Second Class- Folens New Edition Colour)


                   Abair Liom D                                                          


Maths:        New Wave Mental Maths 2nd class(Prim Ed)


                   Busy At Maths (Second Class- CJ Fallon)


                   Fallons Table Book                                                


 S.E.S.E:       Small World (Second Class-CJ Fallon)


 Religion:     Grow in Love (Second Class-Veritas)


Homework:  Fallons Homework Diary   

Please ensure your son/daughter has all his/her books when school re-opens on September 1. Thank you.                                    


Second Class Rental & Stationery 2016/2017
Saint Felim’s N.S. Ballinagh
Teacher: Ms. Cunningham         Pupil’s name: ______________

Rental for English, Maths, Novels,  Supplementary readers                              €10.00                                                    
Tables Champion (to be  purchased  direct  from publisher  by  teacher)           €8.00   
Just Handwriting
Just phonics

Stationery: Copies, Scrap Book, Folders,                           €20.00
Twistables (Crayons)                       

Art and Photocopying                                                     €20.00


Pupils are asked to bring the above amount (€58.00) to their teacher during the first week in September when the school re-opens or you may pay by electronic payment. You will receive a text with a link to this during the holidays.



Thank you.I have received €58.00 from:
Pupil’s name: _______________________

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